Social Media Marketing Agency

With proven game changing results, our award winning performance experts ensure that all the leads turn into a profitable conversion.

High Performance Breakthrough Campaigns

Getting noticed and remembered by the right audience is a slow delicate process. It takes multiple testing, creative input and high performing campaign structures to ensure better conversions.

We specialize in performance marketing campaigns using content and audience building strategies that support our campaigns to perform well. With our in-house team of experienced and certified marketers, we ensure that your advertisement is well remembered.

As a direct partnership or white labeled solutions, The MediaGale ensures to enhance visibility, drive deeper engagement and generate better quality conversions from social and search engine platforms.

What makes us sooo good at it?
Creative Visuals
The extensive experience and creative flair of our designers ensures that each creative is unique to its essence and well perceived from the audience.
Audience Selection
As your digital partners, we analyze the customer data to get a firm grip on your customer’s likes & dislikes. This helps our campaign deliver high results.
With our certified team, we ensure to create effective cost saving strategies that help campaigns perform well so you can focus more on counting sales.
We optimize campaigns based on data and multiple ads testing. This leads to better CTA, CPA and provides a higher ROAS on the campaigns.

Creative Campaigns

From creating modern design content to animated videos, we create high performing campaigns to create a long lasting impact that truly reflects your brand and resonates with your target market. 


Emails & Workflows

At TMG, our creative and design team work together to deliver email campaigns that are both visually appealing and highly effective. We pay close attention to every detail, from the layout and design to the messaging, call to action and workflow management. 

Social Media Management

We offer a comprehensive suite of social media management services that are designed to help businesses connect with their customers and build a strong online presence. We handle everything from building social media strategy and planning to creating content and community management.  


What Else?

As a 360 digital agency, we also specialize in search engine optimization which keeps our clients ahead of the competition. To help you reach a wide organic audience, our SEO experts craft specific needs to optimize your website and rank highest in the Google search results. This leads to increase in traffic - helping your business get more visibility.

Staff Augmentation - The MediaGale

Dedicated Resource Allocation

At TMG, we understand that your brand is much more than just a logo or a name. It is the overall look and feel that a customer experiences - from your website and marketing materials to the way you interact with your customers. That's why we offer dedicated resources based on needs that fit your job requirement.

From Website Developers, Content Creators and Managers to SEO Experts - we make sure that your daily work requirement is fulfilled remotely.